Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Handcrafted in Scotland by

The concept of using firewood to heat water has been around for centuries. Our involvement in forestry inspired us to build a range of hot tubs suitable for the remote locations we have in Northern Scotland. Our tubs are hand made in Forres combining modern stainless steel with locally grown Scottish larch.

New Fibreglass Options

We are happy to announce that our two new fibreglass options are now available to purchase at Hommel & Co.

These are the two person oval and 1.8m round fibreglass tubs - clad in Scottish larch. They are very much designed for the holiday let market place; due to the lack of maintenance associated with managing them. The main benefit being, you won't have to keep them filled with water when not in use!

Although our wooden Larch tubs have been very popular with individual customers for home use; they do have some drawbacks with changing the water and cleaning which takes time!

The whole concept of heating the tub is exactly the same through convection - No plumbing, No chemicals, No running costs!

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